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RnA Drops – Recommended by Professionals

In April, 2011 I became one of the very first professionals [pastor,
facilitator, life coach] to recommend RnA Drops to my client list.
When I encountered the RnA Drops and discovered the basic premise
behind the formula, I couldn’t wait to TELL AS MANY PEOPLE
AS POSSIBLE! In my initial endorsement of the product I wrote:

RnA Drops are the activator you’ve been waiting for. Their exclusive
formula unleashes the power of the genius inside the 97% dormant
DNA stored in each cell of your body! As your body and mind work
together to expand your capacity to be, do and have all that you desire;
your joy becomes complete!

Source:  The Basic Premise

Since that time, hundreds of prominent professionals from AROUND
THE WORLD have examined, consumed and documented their success
with RnA Drops and began recommending them to their client lists and
professional networks with incredible confidence and joy.

For example, Michael Brown of South Africa, creator of the Presence Portal
provided this recommendation of the RnA Drops:

Within 24 hours of starting the drops I experienced extreme changes
in diet, sleep, and physical body capacity. It is hard trying to fake being
able to suddenly do 15 more press-ups than you are able to, consistently.
I have now put on 7 kilograms of muscle since I stated the drops, and I look
in better shape now than I have in 20 years!  I have noticed many completely
unexpected beneficial changes in my physical, mental, and emotional
experience that nullified the possibility of this being a placebo.

Source: www.thepresenceportal.com

Professional athelete Lynn Foutch began using the RnA Drops
in February of 2013. As a professional athlete not only has she
experienced dramatic improvement in her body’s performance
but she has studied the premise and effects of the drops to
the point that she is recommending them to OLYMPIC ATHLETES
as part of their training regimine.

Lynn writes ‘The RnA Drops Completement Formulas have been
the final step in my discovery towards mastering optimal levels of
health and wellness which began mid February of this year [2013].
It was the unlocking mechanism of perfecting every cell in the body
for one to lead a life with unlimited potential! Dr. Carolyn Dean,
the founder of the RnA Drops product line, had once again
entered into my life towards unfolding the answers towards
recovery of all health issues….mineral therapy and RnA Drops!

Source:  www.integrativehealthsource.com

And, last but certainly not least, in June, 2013 Dr. Jim Walters
and Dr. Joe Harbosky documented their experience with RnA Drops on
a Zyto machine.  Consider this:

The Zyto is a recognized and approved FDA device. Plug-and-play
RnA Drops right in there and you’ve got a coverall solution
for many out-of-range-stressors. I may have to send an
endorsed testimonial from Dr. Joe Harbosky to a mailing list of all

Zyto owners and let them know there’s a big-boy
on the block (RnA Drops) that can be PROVEN EFFECTIVE
prior to its application. This is major. It’s PROOF in a way that
goes beyond all lip service and makes it tangible in a
way that needs no explanation to many health practitioners.

Source:  Health Conference Update

{name} it turns out that there are innumerable reasons why
professionals are willing to recommend RnA Drops to
their clients and peer networks. RnA DROPS send new information
to YOUR ribonucleic acid that will balance the cell and enhance the cell
replication process; encouraging cells to replicate
perfectly and create amazing results for you – body, mind and spirit.

If you have enjoyed the benefits of RnA Drops in your world, perhaps
you may want to consider telling your peers, family members and
professional networks about the benefits they can derive from using RnA Drops…
or tell them about our weekly radio program where they can ask health, mind
and well-being questions for themselves!

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Wonderful Words from the Doctor

This is a great article from Dr. Carolyn Dean, one of the patentors of the RnA Drops.  Take a few minutes to read the article and enjoy her wonderful words.